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bodytite - facetite : fit woman showing abdominal musclesThe FaceTite and BodyTite procedures are FDA-approved minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. These procedures address skin laxity, destroy unwanted fat cells, and contour your face and body with RFAL (Radio Frequency-Assisted Liposuction).

FaceTite can treat the face, and it can also be used on areas like the neck and knees. The handpiece is designed to work best in small areas.

As for larger areas of treatment, BodyTite is used on the flanks, stomach, breasts, arms, and thighs.

FaceTite and BodyTite provide outstanding results without the need for long periods of downtime. The technology involves delivering RF energy to your skin tissues to bring about effective tightening.

If you are looking for a safe and effective treatment to enhance your look, the FaceTite and BodyTite procedures are ideal solutions.

Am I a Good Candidate for FaceTite & BodyTite?

These treatments are good alternatives for people who want a non-surgical option to eliminate sagging skin and improve contours. Since both devices are integrated with liposuction technology, candidates must have a BMI of 30 or less to prevent complications during and after the treatment.

The best candidates for a FaceTite or BodyTite treatment are healthy individuals. Before considering the treatment, stop smoking for four to six weeks and avoid drinking alcohol for at least 48 hours. Doing these before the treatment will help to avoid complications after radio frequency-assisted liposuction.

Individuals who want to get a FaceTite or BodyTite treatment may be required to stop taking blood-thinning medications and certain herbal supplements beforehand. Consult with your doctor for alternatives.

FaceTite and BodyTite may not be recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding women. For these candidates, it will be best to postpone the treatment until after childbirth or nursing.

The FaceTite Procedure

FaceTite is an innovative technology developed by InMode. If you do not want to undergo an invasive surgical procedure but need to get rid of the sagging skin that comes with natural facial aging, FaceTite is an excellent option.

The treatment involves liquifying and then removing the targeted fat using RFAL. The RF energy melts the fat while heating and tightening the skin and supporting structures around it.

FaceTite is performed under sedation or local anesthesia. You might experience mild pain and swelling after the session, but these symptoms quickly fade away. The result is a more defined and rejuvenated you.

FaceTite Benefits

  • It is a minimally invasive facelift that is precisely calibrated. Because of this, the procedure is safe with a minimal chance of complications.
  • Issues such as frown lines, jowls, and a double chin can be addressed.
  • It offers a significant reduction of fat around the neck and face.
  • The energy pulses are delivered precisely to the targeted areas and do not cause damage to the deeper structures and necessary fat cells.
  • Downtime is minimal, so you can recover within a few days and get back to your routine.
  • The treatment takes a short amount of time and can create more natural-looking results than traditional liposuction.
  • The procedure is tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs.

The BodyTite Procedure

BodyTite works similarly to FaceTite. The procedure involves first administering a sedative, local anesthesia, or general anesthesia if desired.

Once this has taken effect, RFAL energy is applied above and under the skin to melt and get rid of unwanted fat. It treats stubborn fat and tightens and lifts your skin to help you obtain your dream shape. A single session is enough to treat multiple areas.

You are an ideal candidate for BodyTite if you have a moderate amount of excess fat that you are unable to eliminate with diet and exercise. You will see immediate changes, and full results will be apparent within six to twelve months.

BodyTite Benefits

  • The procedure requires only a brief recovery period. Within a week, you will be ready to begin your everyday activities.
  • Since there is no general anesthesia involved, you can go home as soon as the procedure is completed.
  • The treatment helps you achieve smoother and tighter skin and a more defined and contoured body.
  • BodyTite removes stubborn body fat that cannot be reduced with diet and exercise

FaceTite & BodyTite Aftercare

FaceTite and BodyTite require a shorter downtime than surgical procedures. After one to two days, it is safe to resume light physical activities. Strenuous activities like lifting weights or running should be resumed after two to three weeks.

It is important to wear the recommended compression garments after a FaceTite or BodyTite session. These garments will help reduce swelling and maintain shape and contours after a FaceTite or BodyTite treatment. 

Depending on the surgeon’s directions, these garments should be worn for two to four weeks after the treatment.

Eat healthily and avoid fast food, sugary cereals, and sodas. This will help maintain the results from the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the risks and side effects of FaceTite/BodyTite?

    FaceTite and BodyTite are minimally invasive procedures designed to reduce skin laxity and enhance body contouring through Radio Frequency-Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL). However, as with any medical procedure, there are potential risks and side effects.

    Common side effects include temporary swelling, bruising, and redness at the treatment site. Rare risks include burns, nerve damage, and uneven skin contouring. Patients need to discuss their complete medical history with Dr. Candis Lovelace in Fort Worth to assess their eligibility for the procedure and mitigate possible complications.

  • How much does FaceTite/BodyTite cost?

    The cost of FaceTite and BodyTite procedures can vary based on several factors, including the treatment area’s size and the specific needs of the patient.

    Generally, the price range for these treatments can be significant due to the advanced technology and the expertise required to perform them.

    Patients should consult directly with Dr. Lovelace’s office to obtain a personalized quote that reflects their unique case and treatment goals.

  • What are the differences between FaceTite/BodyTite and traditional liposuction or facelift surgery?

    FaceTite and BodyTite mainly differ from traditional liposuction and facelift surgeries by being less invasive. A FaceTite or BodyTite procedure can lead to shorter recovery times and less discomfort post-procedure.

    Unlike traditional surgeries that require incisions, FaceTite and BodyTite use a cannula that emits radio frequency energy to melt fat and tighten skin. This results in less scarring.

    The RFAL technology allows for precision in targeting fat and skin laxity, making it suitable for smaller areas and more delicate adjustments that traditional methods might not address.

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