Skin Grafting Fort Worth

Skin GraftingNew Leaf Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery performs skin grafting procedures to treat patients who have extensive wounds, trauma, burns, or areas of damaged skin. The process of skin grafting involves removing a layer or partial layer of skin from a healthy part of the patient’s body and applying it to the damaged area. With time, this new layer of skin will heal over and protect the affected area.

  • What are the risks of Skin Grafts/Flaps?

    The risks of skin grafts/flaps includes bleeding, infection, scarring, hematoma, seroma, possible need for drains, dehiscence, contour irregularities, asymmetry, poor cosmesis, need for further surgery, numbness/hypersensation, nerve/vessel/muscle injury, skin/flap necrosis, fat necrosis, distortion of surrounding structures, donor site morbidity, cardiac/pulmonary/stroke/DVT/PE events, death, etc.