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“One very happy client/patient!”

I’m not sure there are really words out there that could ever express how I feel about Dr. Lovelace, her staff, and how I feel about my procedures. This has been a rough end of the year with medical and I have don’t my research probably more than most when it comes to cosmetic surgery and especially after finding two cysts in my breast that needed to be removed. Nevertheless, the minute I met Dr. Lovelace and how her staff I knew I wouldn’t go anywhere else. She was medically thorough, they treat you like family, and my results – let’s just say I’ll be bikini ready by summer and feel like a new woman!!!!! Thank you for everything! For those reading I had old implants removed, cysts removed that were done as a team with Dr. Towers, lipo on inner and out thighs, arms, and Botox (that’s a entirely another review because I have yet to find someone who could get this right and look natural – but I found it with Dr. Lovelace). Thank you again!!! One very happy client/patient!