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“I am impressed with the results”

I must say I am impressed with the results of the tummy tuck and breast lift surgery performed by Dr. Lovelace. I had seen other surgeons both in and outside of Texas. However, after a referral from some fellow nurses, I went to see Dr. Lovelace. Her staff was very friendly and nice and so was Dr. Lovelace. She gave her professional opinion about my options and we discussed thoroughly what I wanted versus what she recommended. I respected the fact that she was stern about what I should have done instead of just giving me what I asked for and knowing what the potential result would be unlike some of the other consultations. I consulted her in June and gave it some thought. I went back to her office because as a nurse the questions kept rolling around in my head causing me to doubt. Her staff arranged the second appointment and Dr. Lovelace answered all of my new questions. She left my room and I was convinced to move forward. I had more questions that day and she came back in the room and answered those patiently and thoroughly to make sure that I was comfortable. Needless to say, I scheduled the surgery for 12/3/19 and am glad I did. Each of my post op visits have been more than stellar. She and her staff are very attentive and responsive. I can’t wait to see what the results will be finally. Still recovering but satisfied. I have referred others to her because of the professionalism and treatment I have received thus far and it can be hard to win me over but they have.