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“Amazing results”

Three years ago I made a decision to have breast augmentation. I decided to see three different surgeons and make a decision on which surgeon was right for me. The first consultation was with Dr. Lovelace. At the end of the first consult I knew Dr. Lovelace was the right surgeon for me! I cancelled the other two consults.

The consultation/exam was very informative. She recommended Augmentation/Mastopexy, which is a breast lift with implants. She explained in detail why the augmentation I originally requested would not have produced the results I was seeking. She and her office made the process so easy. Everything was discussed and made simple to understand. The quoted price included the surgery, anesthesia and the facility. It was like one stop shopping! I could not be happier!

I have since had several other procedures…all of them have produced natural, amazing results.

Thank you Dr. Lovelace for making my dreams come true!